Thin Client Scanning for document scanners

A centralized document scanner control system with dashboard analytics plus IoT device, user and workflow management.

With intuitive and fully configurable dashboard analytics, Thin Client Scanner allows for non-technical users to create informative and insightful charts, graphs and reports to more effectively operate their business processes.

P3iD ScanBot

P3iD Scanbot Features

A centralized view to effectively manage your document ingest

Providing extreme simplicity and easy usability, Thin Client Scanner offers a single control system for effective management for fleets of document scanners using industry accepted standards for device connectivity and software line-of-business application interoperability.

P3iD ScanBot - Centralized document scanner workflow
Pull scanning - Thin Client Scanner

Pull-scanning for the mobile-enabled workforce improves user experiences

Web browser scanning - Thin Client Scanner

Simple to use web-browser scanning with zero-client software installation

Compatibility - Thin Client Scanner

Compatible with cloud applications including CRM, ERP and others

Secure Identity Management - Thin Client Scanner

Security with identity management and access control for peace of mind

Dashboard Analytics - Thin Client Scanner

Dashboard analytics with charts help maintain peak operational efficiency

API's and SDK's for integration - Thin Client Scanner

Extended functions or capability with API’s or select from ScanBot Store

Business Efficiency with P3iD ScanBot

One solution for effective digital transformation

Business Application Integration - Thin Client Scanner

Business Application Integration

As a simple and easy, yet highly automated solution, Thin Client Scanner is an ideal capture front-end for line of business software applications

Scanner Fleet Management - Thin Client Scanner

Scanner Fleet Management

Adding, modifying or deleting document scanners with Thin Client Scanner’s scanner control dashboard helps reduce IT costs

User and Workflow Management - Thin Client Scanner

User and Workflow Management

Thin Client Scanner is part of an effective digital transformation strategy with scanner, user and workflow management in one solution

Easy Setup

Thin Client Scanner Compatibility

With interoperability and compatibility as a major design consideration, Thin Client Scanner fits into existing compute-infrastructure with single-sign on authentication and other network services so that time-to-value and return on investment is improved.

Security: A full suite of security add-on modules including sealed-channel authentication, secure disk erase and privacy auditing/redaction

Efficiency: With a complete view of your document scanner metrics, Thin Client Scanner allows organizations insights to effectively manage and improve their business processes

Extendibility: Enterprise integration is available thru the ecosystem of partners as well as Thin Client Scanner developer tools with API’s and SDK’s

Get Started with Thin Client Scanner Today!

As a cloud-hosted solution, it’s extremely easy to get started with using Thin Client Scanner. Just simply contact Thin Client Scanner’s engagement team for more information.